Thursdays, I am not afraid of you now!


17th September, Thursday.

I was careful to follow my self-imposed precautions, which I always do on days like Thursday. Tuesday is still worse. I have this feeling of fixing days as good or bad (Friday being the best!). I had a minor bus accident a few days before. I tore of the skin of my knee. And worse, I tore of my brand new black trousers. The only formal piece of clothing I had. Thursdays proved themselves bad sometimes, but in general they are neutral. I took bath while singing ‘Narsimha Aarti’. I sang it three times to do better everytime. I find Mondays cool, fresh and new. Wednesdays I don’t like to travel. Fridays bring me success and good news. I proves me of my power, knowledge and intellectual. Saturdays I am still unable to decide, so be it neutral. Sundays I like them when I have worked harder whole of the week. I love towake up early to see the sun rising and listen the birds chirping in the garden in front of this house.

Today, in my lfe for the first time I cooked ‘kheer’ (pudding). I waited for Shrey and Sambhav to leave for their college (I did not wanted them to see me cooking and the finished product. I added 180 gms of vermicelli to 800 ml of boiling milk. It was all well in the beginning but as time went on I saw lack of milk and time as well.  had to leave for college in next half an hour.I tested it and it seemed fine. I didn’t taste so well and also looked much like sweet maggie rather them syrupy kheer. I still finished half thrown one-fourth and saving one-fourth for my 3 pm lunch. I have allready said Thursdays and Tuesdays make me take wrong decisions. I should have added only 70 grams of vermicelli to half a litre of milk.

I reached college at 10:00 am and waited for my turn in debate compettition. I waited and waited while the coordinators were still arranging the mike and refreshments for the judges. Ihad nothing to prepare as all my points were in my mind. I just had to go up there and speak what I think about, ‘Can Economic Growth be Correlated to the Development of a Nation?’ I was in against.

The time came when the event started. It was my first public speaking on such an issue. I have given paper presentations and they are hell different than a debate or a speech. I was invited to speak in the end.

Aditi Mathur, in same year as of mine was for the inaugral speech- she was the winner of debate when we were in first year. I appreciated her way of speaking and knowledge – especially her reference to President Sarkozy’s statement about inadequacy of GDP to define the economic development of a country. Although her whole speech was based on just one Times of India article on business page, it was well spoken and full of good points.

I focussed on Social and Economic Equality, Sustainable Development and Human Development Index. I ended my speech with Mr. Kofi Annan’s definition of developed country,”A developed country is one where its citizens live a free and healthy life in a safe environment.”

I speech was well received by clappings, applause and good questions. A question was askedby Director sir himself. Professor Shivkumar looked impressed. I can feel positive about my selection to speak before a thousand audience on the grand Shraddhanjali stage and win the competition. And more important is to make people aware of the actual meaning of development.

In overall I realised Thursdays are not so bad. I may not get a good news but I can work out my tasks well on this day of Brihaspati. 🙂 So, thursdays,  I am not afraid of you now!