In the early morning darkness when I clean up my bike.
I am thrilled in the feeling that urge me to ride.
When I put my hands on the black handlebars,
Checking my way open with no other bikes and no cars.

My pulse would rise high and my heart would be beating hard.
I can’t wait to hurt myself in the form of bruises and red scars.
My lungs would strive for a cubic inch of air every time
And I would be riding high on the hills and cross the finish line.

I would burn from the pains and the sweat will flow in my eyes.
My hands will lock up and the muscles in my thighs,
Will be stronger and stronger and humble I would be.
For the respect of human body and the pains that others doesn’t see.

But still a feeling and a thought that’s everything I can think,
I would never stop thinking of her even for a blink.
She is everything and everywhere and I am omniscient,
Because in knowing her I have known everything…

– Mon Avis