My First Job Experience

My First Job Experience


My first job experience at a construction site has been amazing for the initial one-and-a-half years which later became a mixed one. I have been working for more than two and a half years in this organization. When I completed my graduation,  I had no idea what would I do. So,  unlike everyone else who were thinking and preparing for getting a job in a software company I was planning for something different. These IT companies take hundreds of students from high to low standard colleges. Still,  many remain jobless. I also tried to test waters in a BPO company placement drive at our low class college and was one of the rejected. I did not care. On the contrary when I was not selected in the interview of a hindi magazine Aha Zindagi,  I felt sad. I never tried for another job.

Construction Site Office - My First Job Experience
Construction Site Office – My First Job Experience

The Beginning

My selection in this organization was a surprise to all and not just me. Seeing my disinterest in technical subjects and average grades,  I should have never been here. So,  this unexpected start ruined all my ”bit different” plans or at least postponed them for an indefinite time. Contrary to what a layman believes regarding government job,  this job was completely different. I got posted at a construction site as a Quality and Safety Engineer without any prior necessary qualification and knowledge. They call it on-the-job-training but it was a full fledged job without any training, kind of trial-and-error.

Learning and Experience

I never understood the seriousness (seriousness is bad, sincerity is good) of the job untill some things happen but I was always sincere and proud of my job. For a year,  half of my time was spent in various kinds of  relevant and less relevant trainings. Since, nothing is irrelevant for me, I find interest in everything but like to go deep in only the things I like. So,  I learned quite a lot of general things and took keen interest in Safety. Initially,  I sincerely tried to stop unsafe acts and unsafe accidents by my little know-how and with the help of manuals which I would find impractical most of the times. So,  it was overall my hit and trial method or whatever other professionals would teach me. But,  after a regular company-sponsered course in Safety, I understood the intricacies of theory and could compare what I was doing at my site earlier. I should say that this helped me become a safety professional.

Job Satisfaction

The most important thing about my first job experience has been the satisfaction I felt daily evening while coming back to home from a day long tiresome job,  its challenges and a hope to make things better. Everyday,  I would think of improving safety of workers. I would read manuals and texts and frame safety programs. I was successful in implementing a couple of such programs due to my resourcefulness and support from my collegues and seniors and some never became realities because of the lack of resources and support from my collegues and seniors. Overall,  for first one and a half year safety was my prime responsibility followed by Quality management and occasionaly welding and NDT.

Emotions Attached with People, Places and Things


I am not an emotional person. Or maybe I am. But, when I took an MBTI test, I came out to be an INTP. I tried again at different sites and always it was INTP. But, when it comes to emotions attached with people, places and things, I have felt overtly emotional.


When I was a child, I used to literally cry when my favorite relative visited as a guest to our family and left after a couple of days visit. That was really difficult. I was so much attached to people.

When our old black and white Dyanora television set (with shutters) was sold and a new BPL color TV with remote control was brought, for a couple of days, I missed our old TV and I did not enjoy the new one at all. As the sadness went away with time, I started enjoying the new TV set. This is how I loved things.

My village, where my grandfather, grandmother and uncle lived, was my favorite place to visit during summer vacations. I loved my village and always felt nostalgic and did not want to return back to my town. This is how I loved places.

Later also, I loved a lot of things in my life, to whom I cling for a long time until they were proved lifeless and useless (for things), distant relationship (for people) and people-less (for places). For example, a set of my poems from my school and college time which were about hundred and each one unique, I lost them in ISKCON hostel where I lived for not more than a month. I still miss them sometimes.


Even though I behaved quite emotional, I sometimes feel that I lack the understanding of others’ feelings. I hurt them unknowingly. And when I become extra conscious, I fear hurting them. I never learned people. People are something which confuse and worry me a lot.

As far as things are concerned, they don’t worry me much because they do not get hurt. Regarding places, they remain same, but now days, I feel they also change as the people associated with them either go away or do not remain important in my life. Then, those changing places do not remain important to me.

But, people do. They have the power to hurt me, make me feel sad and make me feel guilty of hurting them. Sometimes I cross the limits. I become really sad and fearful even by a thought of losing them. And when it is the time to actually depart, when those fears of being apart become true, I compose myself by dreaming and planning irrational and imaginary stuff. And after a couple of days of being separated, the real life comes back drowning myself and only a slight memory of the people and places remain to be ignited again in future.


An amazing thing I have discovered is things and places have got no value unless for the people with whom you spent your time. Places when revisited, alone, they do haunt us with memories of past. Places visited again and again with friends and family makes the bond stronger than ever.

Ultimately, it is people who are important to us. People, living beings, are responsible for the emotions of sadness and happiness. It is the people who make non-living things important for us. As, Christopher McCandless said in the beautiful movie ‘Into the Wild’:

“Happiness is only Real when Shared”

I love my people and I want them all to be with me forever. This unfortunately, is not possible. So, the lesson is, in such a case, it is best to spend as much quality time I can with my beloved. They will make those non-living things and places alive and rich with bright sunshine memories, and I can cherish them when alone.