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Har Ki Doon Trek Day-3

 Har Ki Doon Trek – Day -3 – Deep Into the Wilderness We woke up to the sound of birds at about 05:00 am fresh and filled with energy. I went out brushed my teeth in the cold water, a difficult thing to do. I

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Har Ki Doon Trek Day-2

Har Ki Doon Trek – First Steps I guess I had a sleep of four-five hours last night. In the morning we got ready for the trek and currently we are waiting for The Invisible to come and brief us. Me, Jain and Musician had

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Har Ki Doon Trek Day-1

Har Ki Doon Trek – Motivation and Beginning My childhood was a to and fro shift between a town and a village. Simple life has always attracted me. My love for nature has since increased. If you ask me what is the motivation for my