350 Event – School Children Rally with RAKSHA Jaipur


350 Event – School Children Rally with RAKSHA Jaipur

I was also workin with RAKSHA to give the 350 event a final touch. And Jai and Neeraj my friends also came along with me.

According to Environmentalists and Scientists Below 350ppm of Green House Gases is an Urgent Requirement to Curbe Global Warming

So how I got into this event… simple I got a mail and it said about 350.org event. I opened the website and found out that RAKSHA has registered an action there. I got a call from Rohit on 19th and I came to Jaipur on 21st.

We met and I with the help of Jai ans Neeraj pasted posters in four colleges and a coaching centre. And then I went for the mock rally in the evening before the event day. I met all other members of RAKSHA.

RAKSHA Team in the Rally at Albert Hall Jaipur
The next day we reached the venue at 8 in the morning and arranged the venue. It was fun there. At 9:30 am students came and we told them about the issue and 350 ( 350 ppm of CO2 in atmosphere is safe level, if it increases then it can create problems … presently it is 390 ppm so to ring the alarm and wake them up from the slumber 350.org conducted this event).
Then their was a rally which we all enjoyed. Then 350 formation:

1. A national award winner wrote 350 on rice,
2. A jweller formed 350 using Emerald gems,
3. Students sat in 350 formation.

Then we interacted with media and others to tell them about the event and cause.

It was a good experience!

School children at rally in 350 formation.

To know more about 350:

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