42 KM Bicycle Ride


42 KM Bicycle Ride

In continuation to the last week’s bike ride, me and Shanky decided to go for another bike ride. This time we were more sensible to go for 42 KM bicycle ride. We thought of taking another bike for me (last time bike was a big nuisance – it’s chain was slipping out and its seat was highly uncomfortable) and decided to go for about 40 kilometers to and fro. But, till Saturday we had no idea where to go. On Saturday, Shanky found out a news in a local newspaper. Since the news is in Hindi, I will inform that the news is related to a thousand year old place where a saint named Brahmagiri used to live. At this place, every year a fair is organized by local village Shivna. It is located near Amalpura which lies on Harsud Road and is about 19 kilometers from Khandwa. We could have travelled just like that but having a target in mind keeps us focused and gives a purpose to the journey. We found a purpose to visit this place. This year in January when we were not riding bicycles we went to a local fair near Pandhana which is dedicated to a freedom fighter named Tantya Bheel on motor-bike. That day we also visited Sukta Reservoir and enjoyed our trip. That day we must have travelled more than seventy kilometers.

Arranging Bicycles

I asked another colleague who owns a brand new Hero StreetRacer (again an MTB). At first look and feel it felt good except for the uncomfortable seat. I had earlier faced such a problem last week but we did not have a choice. A friend named Amit also wanted to join us for the journey. Our immediate task was to arrange a bike for him also. We enquired everywhere and ultimately we had to ask Adityaraj, our Office Boy for his classical bike. We paid him Rs. 50 as rent and the bike was ours for the day. I asked Amit to let me drive the classical old style bike and I let him ride Hero StreetRacer. Shanky already owns a wonderful bicycle with a wonderful seat Avon Paragon.

Begining the Journey

We had to leave early morning at seven but we could not leave till eight. We had out Poha and Tea at Bombay Bazar in Khandwa and we left Khandwa at 08:30 AM. The road was new for us as none had ever travelled that road. I love to travel new roads and see new places. But, the road was not double as was Khandwa Mundi Road but single. So, I knew we had to ride carefully giving way to heavy vehicles plying at speeds higher than us. This road goes to New Harsud. When Indira Sagar Dam and Power Project was underway, a huge portion of Khandwa district which included Harsud was submerged and all population was relocated to different areas. New Harsud was also developed during that period only. Click here to read more about New Harsud.

We enjoyed our trip as Shanky was with us. He is an interesting person and can communicate with everyone and anyone. He stopped somewhere to take rest when Shanky spotted a cowherd boy. He asked him if his cows are giving milk. When he replied yes, Shanky gave him his water-bottle and requested to fill it up with fresh milk in lieu of ten rupees. It was a good deal for us and the boy also agreed. But, I think the cow had more sense of business and she refused to give us milk. We had to go empty handed. In another incident Shanky stopped a bullock cart in which a father and three children were riding. They allowed Shanky to try his hands on the cart for a meter or ten. We too had a nice laugh. It was fun clicking photographs and documenting our journey.

What I really appreciated was that the old classical bicycle was quite good for such long distance rides. The seat was quite comfortable. It was also more efficient and had good momentum which helps me gain more speed weather uphill or downhill. The only problem was its front mud-guards had lost nuts and it was making noise. We reached Amalpura and decided to get a repair first. The shop-owner had for a daylong leave and his daughter, must have been only twelve years old was the in-charge of the shop. She checked air and filled up when found less using an air compressor. I asked her about the mud-guard problem and she gave me whole kit to repair but we had no idea how to work it out. So, we left for another bicycle repair shop after paying her for air where the problem was resolved. But, I can only appreciate the girl for her good work and spirits.

We reached the temple of Brahmagiri Maharaj at about 10:30 AM. We visited the shrine which is a cluster of shrines made for saints who came before and after Brahmagiri Maharaj. In the back side of the shrines, a small rivulet flows and water well is made where devotees were taking bath. We also washed our hands and face. Since, this was the first day at fair not many shops were open except for fast food shops. It fair was set for coming fifteen days. We had tea and bread-pakora at one of the shops and left for Khandwa.

Teamwork Reduces Discomfort and Makes Ride More Comfortable

By this time, Amit was tired of uncomfortable seat of the Hero bike. He asked us to share his pain in the remaining journey and we did so gracefully. We three were changing our bikes like every five kilometers as a team. We reached back to Khandwa at 01:00 PM. This time the journey was comfortable and less painful. I think our legs are slowly getting used to pedaling and we truly hope to continue this every Sunday.

2 thoughts on “42 KM Bicycle Ride

  • April 7, 2014 at 5:31 am

    Hi Manoj,

    How is the preparation for BMC going? I applied for BMC mar 2015 course but did not yet get the course confirmation. How long did it take for you to get the confirmation?

    Can you also share me your preparation training plan as to how many kilometers and weight ?

    My contact info : sandeepch@gmail.com

    • April 9, 2014 at 2:14 am

      Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually I applied for March-2014 batch (BMC-300) and later due to job related reasons, I had to transfer to Sept-Oct 2014. For my scheduled cource in Sept-Oct 2014, I have received call letter this month only. So, if you are in March 2015 batch, you may also get your call letter in October or November. Anyway, you can always mail HMI and ask for confirmation.

      As far as physical fitness is concerned, some basic exercises and jogging 5 kilometers a day is what I am doing. But, I really don’t know what exactly is required to complete the course successfully.

      So, all the best for your course and wish me luck too.

      Thanks again.


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