A Movie On Me


A Movie On Me

Sometimes when i am wrong,
When it goes like hell from my side.
I see no light but you, my love
Standing before my eyes.

I cannot cry but you wipe
My tears in my dreams.
I see you holding my hand
Making me stand up to fight again.

And I turn into a warrior again
With my head held high…
And I fly on my dreams again
With a sword by my side…

Sometimes when i am wrong,
When I ve done a crazy mistake.
I lay alone on my bed
Listening to music I try to relate,

My life. I wish I was a hero of a movie,
And everything’s gonna be all right.
I wish cameras rolling over me,
To catch how you come to me and Lights,

I see with wide-open eyes,
long before seen dreams coming true…
My emotions decieved me,
And finally I found you…

– Mon Avis

A Movie on Me Poem Manoj Yadav Mon Avis
A Movie on Me, Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Forest_Theater.jpg

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