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Trying to Adhere to Commitments

I did not write since September. Last two months were full of clutter in my mind. Don’t know how all the things went, if I want to recall them. It was like job from 8 to 8. (It looks like ∞ to ∞ to me.)

Steam pipes under storage

Becoming an Amatuer Photographer

Still a Beginner Not yet! Not even after one year of buying my first DSLR.Yeah, it’s true. I am learning the basics of photography now, after one year. Better late than never. As of now, I want to go out of Beginner shell and on

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Rediscovering Myself, Again!

With September, starts the thirty day countdown to complete twenty-six years of living. Twenty six years! How long is twenty six years? It seems a huge lot.Time and again we discover ourselves again and again. Sometimes changed from the core and sometimes with a new

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Emotions Attached with People, Places and Things

I am not an emotional person. Or maybe I am. But, when I took an MBTI test, I came out to be an INTP. I tried again at different sites and always it was INTP. But, when it comes to emotions attached with people, places