Dead Before The Time


Dead Before The Time

The tree has dropped all its leaves,
Before the dawning of winter.
It has lost his faith in the sun.
There are no clouds, which can give him shade.
And an unburnt branch cried out in all the directions.
“Why my life is full of wounds and pain?
And it gave me fire, and killed me again.
There is no faith now. There is no fate now.
In living like a dead…
Let me die …Let me die…”
Then a stream of blood poured down its heart.
The God has also turned his back to him.
God can’t see his child dying, dying in pain.
To make his pain less, he turned him faint.

Now the silent child, can even do not cry.
He fell down dead and gave a cold sigh.
To find the peace… In the silent harmony…
And the sun shone more as if death was funny.

– Mon Avis

Dead Before the Time - Poem - Manoj Yadav - Mon Avis
Dead Before the Time


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