Har Ki Doon Trek Day-6


Har Ki Doon Trek – Day 6 – The Return

On sixth day, I woke up at 06:00 am late and much tired than usual may be due to a full week of physical exhaustion. Our plan was to reach our first day camp site by today itself. It will be about 15 km of descent. We started back from the camp at 08:33 am. Within one hour we had covered two kilometers. This was much faster than climbing. It is such an easy walk that we are enticed to walk fast and run but knees put a limitation here. Thus, we have to be cautious and walk slow.

We were walking down and down with few climbs. When we reach near the wheat fields we had our lunch. Mountain Man was much ahead of all of us and by this time we expected he would have reached the camp site. Then again we started walking. After walking a little distance it started raining. I took out my poncho. It was raining moderately with winds blowing. This was flapping my poncho and my clothes were getting wet. I prayed for a clear sky soon.

This time instead of crossing the big hanging bridge, we went straight and reached Osla village. We see the village temple, its houses, women weaving warm clothes and children asking for toffees and sweets. There is a BSNL satellite phone operated by a villager. Here almost every-one of us called home and informed about our health and well being. This was an emotional thing considering talking to mom and dad after a week of disconnection. I talked to my mom. I was about to called my dad, but my fingers wanted to call mom. I told her that everything is fine and I will be back to my workplace by third of June. I felt good to talk to her and it diminished all the worries about me from her mind.

At 02:00 pm we reached the campsite. Here it is relatively warm. This time the tent was not made at the same location but slightly above on the trail. The place was not congenial as there was mud and mosquitoes. Being optimistic we all enjoyed our time there as well. We will reach Sankri the next morning and it was only one night we had to spend at this location. Maggi and tea were served in the afternoon.

Most of the evening went talking with each other. I had a long chat with Jain about our forthcoming trip to HMI Darjeeling. We charted our preparation schedule and make each other buddy to follow it as per schedule. After we talked for about an hour, I went for a short walk nearby. Near some fields, I see a grinding mill which is powered by running water coming from a stream. The design seemed quite old and I believe they have been harnessing the energy from water since a long time back. I would also see a 1X20KW micro-hydro power plant near Taluka while going back which is again an example of sustainably using natural resources to generate power for human needs. In this month, the crops grown are mainly wheat and mustard. In many fields vegetables are also grown.

In the evening, we again played our favorite game near the river bank. When the camp-fire was ready we went near and on Doctor’s advice started introduction session.  It was great knowing about each other. Out of seventeen group members, fifteen were present there. Jain and Student could not attend the same. Here, I will tell what I understood from their introduction about themselves:

  1. Musician informed that he is a musician. Later during discussions I would know that he has a liberal attitude towards most of things in life.
  2. Cinderella informed that she is an investment banker, teaches slum children and a white wine connoisseur. What she did not tell but was evident from her singing is that she is also trained as a Carnatic singer.
  3. Actress was a corporate professional with Titan Industries. She left her job to become a full time theater artist in Mumbai.
  4. Banker informed that she is a banker.
  5. Teacher shared that she teaches children affected by autism.
  6. Curator identified himself as a nasty joker and a good observer. Observer in a sense that he told us all, the qualities he has observed in each one of us.
  7. Mountain Man shared the secret to his fitness which is his love for a wide variety of outdoor sports since college time.
  8. Doctor talked about his love for outdoor sports, his zeal to make his children stronger both physically and mentally. At the same time he always wants to keep them close and form an attachment.
  9. I told them about my wish to see the world and understand humanity as a universal thing which includes flora and fauna as well.
  10. Businessman on too much insistence agreed that he is married. A fact many of us did not know throughout the trek.
  11. Professor informed that he and Mary are married for last ten years.
  12. Mary shared that she and Professor are the proud parents of two daughters, one eight years old and the other four years old.
  13. Topper talked about academics and love for her father. She has completed her tenth grade to which Adventurer added that she is a class topper as well.
  14. Adventurer shared about her love for adventure, taking risks and listening heavy metal rock. She also informed that her love for adventure is because of her father who has always encouraged her to do all this weird stuff.
  15. Consultant informed that he is an e-commerce consultant. He is also a single parent and has come along with his son, Student, who is studying in ninth grade. Every year they go out for ten days and this time they selected Har Ki Dun trek.

Later, we all shared jokes and sing our favorite songs. By this time, the dinner was ready which we ate full. It was the last night of sleeping in tent and a sleeping bag.

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