Indian Youth – Agents Of Change


It was not a long time before, when I attended a conference on sustainable urbanization in New Delhi, India. There were 600 young people from all over India participating enthusiastically in discussions, green jobs fair and green activities.

India never saw such a huge mobilization of youth since it achieved its independence in 1947.Indian youth is now talking about development. Gone are the times, when they thought about getting a government or IT job and settle down. They are now having a global perspective and this change in their mindset is running India’s growth engines.

Green For Sustainable Development ( is a nongovernmental organization run by engineering students in Jaipur, India. “Green For SD spreads awareness and imparts education on issues related to sustainable development through seminars and conferences in schools and colleges. We are currently working in Jaipur but soon we will expand in other Indian cities as well”, says Jai Lakshwani who is also the founder of Green For SD.

Akarsh Dhaiya is an alumni of AIESEC which is the world’s largest youth run organization has started his own venture Tuck Inn which provides healthy food at reasonable prices. “During my college time I could not find anything good to eat outside … it was then the idea to open a health food chain came in my mind”, says Akarsh who is more than excited for the new truck he has brought to mobilize his food chain.

Rohit Gangawal, a young nature lover from Jaipur runs R.A.K.S.H.A., an organization devoted to the protection of animals and birds. The organization also works for creating awareness about global warming and climate change. I also had an opportunity to work with Rohit and his team during a rally of school children for creating awareness about climate change and the importance of maintaining green house gases concentration in atmosphere below 350ppm.

RAKSHA student rally for apreading awareness about climate change and global warming. Photo: Team RAKSHA
RAKSHA student rally for apreading awareness about climate change and global warming. Photo: Team RAKSHA

Such examples can be found in almost every city of India where youth is thinking beyond themselves and regular jobs. They are now having a global perspective and are open to entrepreneurship opportunities. They are becoming the agents of change in the modern India. Such optimism in Indian youth and belief in their own capabilities is perhaps seen for the first time in India in recent history. Now these are the times to change the way things are running. The age old administration, politics and policies are changing with the involvement of youth. It is now the time for us to support them and believing in their dreams and actions.

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