Long Distance Bicycle Ride


About a month earlier I went along with my friend to get a bi-cycle (from now onwards bike). We brought a low end AVON Paragon bike with no extra shockers and gears. He has been riding for a month and suggested we aim to ride upto Mundi and return back to Khandwa (MP) on last Sunday. I also liked the idea of a long distance bicycle ride as I had never ridden that long distance (64 KM to and fro) ever in my life. On the negative side I have not peddled since a long time and I do not have a bike. We both agreed to carry out the adventurous task.

Starting point of our first long distance bicycle ride at the outskirts of Khandwa.

My friend posing for the image along with our bikes at the start of our journey at the outskirts of Khandwa.

So, I asked another colleague for his bike and got an old Hercules Vector-Ex. Both the bikes are by their exterior look like mountain bikes (I don’t know if anyone of them will really survive in mountains). They had broad wheels and all the fancy stuff which children like. But, we had to carry on with what we have.

Beginning the Bicycle Ride

So, in the morning of Sunday I took my colleague’s bike and my friend also came along with me. We both started at 0740 hours. Initially the ride was smooth but within first five kilometers the old bike’s chain slipped out twice. But, we carried on with few short breaks up to the first 12 kilometers. The chain again started slipping out and this time quite frequently. We stopped at a village and purchased a Mango Frooti (it contains Mango and it is sweet) which would be a good source of energy for first half of our journey. I had also taken a water bottle to keep hydrated and we did not feel a pinch till now.

In the next village we found a motorcycle mechanic who agreed to have a look at my old bike and its chain problem. He found that the alignment of chain was out a corrected it after adjusting the position in rear wheel. And here we go, the chain did not slip for some time and only a couple of times in between. We reached Mundi after many short stops and gulps of water at 10:40hours.

A friend is living there. We called him and had rest, water replenishment, biscuits, orange fruit and had a look at news channels showing how in recent State elections, BJP party has swept four states and Congress party is left with little to cherish. Another important aspect of these elections was the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man Party)as the second largest party second to BJP in Delhi. This has given one more option to the citizens of India other than the two traditional parties.

After we had a look at the election results, we decided to leave Mundi and return back to Khandwa immediately. We left Mundi at 1130 hours and returned back to Khandwa. In between we purchased one more Mango Frooti from the same shop. Once we were just five kilometers short of reaching Khandwa, the chain of my cycle again started slipping out. It must have slipped out at least ten times in those five kilometers. I think the chain again got mis-aligned due to long distance covered on a relatively old bike.

Back to Home

When we reached back to Khandwa at 1430 hours, I took bath and lunch. By this time and also on the way, my thighs were almost burning. It felt like the threads of my muscles were breaking one by one. This burning sensation was to last till the next day morning. I remained on the safe side. I took a Paracetamol (so I don’t get fever, pain becomes less and I can sleep) and slept with peace till 1830 hours. Now I had to return the bicycle to my colleague but I was too tired and in too much pain to be able to do that. I called my friend and asked him to help me. He suggested me to wake up and return the bike on my own as it would be better for me and my legs. I accepted his advice and did the same. But, the pain was same. I was not worried about the next day’s pain which is quite common when one exercises after a long time. I was not worried because I was already in so much pain that it was not possible to have anymore. Still, the threads were breaking. At night, I went along with my roommate and another colleague to the one of the best restaurants in Khandwa and celebrated my achievement.

Next day, there was pain but not as much as last night. I felt accomplished and confident after my first long distance bicycle ride and want to accomplish more. I also hope that such physical exercises will also help in preparing for the Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI Darjeeling.

On long distance bicycle rides, we meet a lot of people and have great experiences.

My friend tying a flower we asked from a flower seller in the mid-way using a thread.

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