My Life


  My Life

       Born in a small village, and loved its style.
Joined those friends who played in soil.
Listen my story, when it was nice.
I bet, the days were best in my life.

Came to Rawatbhata to live, when I was five.
With my parents, to become nice.
Joined school and I was so cool.
Always thought of my village pool.

You cant imagine my village thirst.
I was failed when I was in first.
Years went on, as a few minutes.
I forgot myself in my school kits.

I made friends and learned games.
Searched myself in the crowd of flames.
Now comes the change my friend.
I too started liking here’s trend.

Twelve years gone since I came.
Why I changed? Who’s to blame?
Gone the time, when I was lost in myself.
Now searching amongst people for myself.

Now, I have wishes, dreams and ambitions.
Hiding somewhere behind conditions.
Will I get them? Will I see them?
Yes, truly but if I heed them!

I need someone to teach me, “How to live?”.
I wish you wont say, “Please Forgive!”.
To make it nice, Yeah, itsmy life.

-Mon Avis

My Life Poem Manoj Yadav Mon Avis Rawatbhata

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