My Trading Diary

Why a Trading Diary?

I have been dabbling with the Indian share market since August 2012 with little success so far. The journey was quite interesting — full of ups and downs just like the stock market. I am going to share this journey in my trading diary. I will start with my objective of trading which is:

  1. to be self sufficient in terms of money,
  2. to have a free time for my other hobbies,
  3. to be able to work without a boss and
  4. to be location independent

I understand these are the dreams of quite many nine-to-five employees, but I want to make this dream come true. I know that I will be successful in my venture. When? — I can’t say exactly.

Fundamental Analysis

The investing experience started in August 2012. I was trying to invest in company stocks based on fundamental analysis. I still remember buying hardbound copies of  Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and The Intelligent Investor  by Benjamin Graham. Both these books are classics and are recommended and followed by many fundamental traders.

Technical Analysis

My experience so far has been mixed in the fundamental trading, but recent introduction to technical analysis has opened up new opportunities to the world of trading. The one and the only book which motivated me to dig deeper into this style of trading is Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. After which I have gone through half a dozen books on the style of technical trading and I have started believing this is the style I should follow. I am starting this new page named as My Trading Diary to record my journey so far and my journey to an independent future.