Summer Vacations in My Village


Summer Vacations In My Village

Over the sky, the sun was shining.
The cool breeze, and the birds flying.
I was sleeping, over the roof.
Woken up by the sound of cattle’s hoofs.

Going down to have my tea.
Then to farms, Beauty, just you see!
Clothes in my hands, green grass on the lands.
I reach the fields with my friends.

Bathing there was such a nice experience.
My village had on me, such an influence.
Back to village, by crossing the rivulet.
Yet, not much water flowing in that.

The food I remember was so classy.
Hurry!!! drink water! its so spicy.
After lunch, gone to play my friends.
Always wishing this story never ends.

Not back to home! back to farms.
Sleeping under tree, cushion my arms.
Came my grandma, searching for me.
She always found me under the trees.

Such was a beautiful evening I had.
Went to temple and prashad we had.
Before our houses, we sat and talked.
Stopped and listened whoever walked.

Two hours went, in a flash.
Neither fights nor a clash.
At night, with my Grandpa , went to sleep.
Seeing stars and from the clouds moon peeps.