Har Ki Doon Trek Day-7

Har Ki Doon Trek Day-7


Har Ki Doon Trek – Day 7 – Back to Sankri

This morning we had the breakfast of Aaloo Paranthas. We were getting ready to leave for Taluka from where we will get cabs to take us to Sankri. It will be an eleven kilometers walk and most of the time we will walk downhill. After walking for only one hour we had reached to the tea shop where we had packet lunch on the first day of trek.

There was more descent and fewer ascents which was troubling my legs. But, we had to keep walking. Today during the trek, Musician was ahead of the group. He was walking really fast. When we reached the point where two rivers were meeting, we realized that he was missing. Gajji and two other guides started searching for him. There were diversions in the route and there was a possibility of him taking the wrong road. They also considered the possibility of him reaching Taluka village as he was ahead of all of us. When they asked the local people coming from Taluka side about him they answered in negative. So the searched was focused on the diversions en-route.

After about an hour or so, one of the guides found him. He had taken a wooden bridge which was not to be crossed and kept walking further under the illusion that he was walking on the right path. But, when he saw no one coming from front and behind he stopped and returned back, during this time the guide found him.

We reached Taluka in the afternoon. There were no vehicles arrived yet to take us to Sankri. Sankri was still eleven kilometers from here but this was a flat motor route. Mountain Man and Adventurer decided to walk towards Sankri on this relaxed walk. I also followed them. In between there were streams crossing road and to prevent our shoes from getting wet, I changed in sandals and walked into the cold water. It was too cold but relaxed out feet. When we were walking further at a dense forest location, we see a civet crossing the road just ten meters ahead of us. I was walking ahead and stopped and both of them too. The civet also stopped and looked at us. This was the most beautiful animal I had seen. His fur was so clean and soft, his eyes were a mix of fear and excitement. Then he moved on and so we.

When we had covered four kilometers, we see all the other team-mates coming in vehicles behind. Many were sitting on the roof of a Bolero pick-up. We threw our bags in the back side of the vehicle and jumped in. It was fun walk and a nice ending to our trek.

This time our stay was in Hotel Swargarohini in Sankri. We collected our deposited bags from the locker room of GMVN Guest House and came to our hotel. I had a nice bath in cold water after seven days. It was refreshing. It was a feeling of coming back into the civilization. This room was shared by me and Jain.

Me, Doctor, Jain, Topper and Adventurer had a nice chat in the evening about holistic topics. I wrote the words of Henry David Thoreau from his book Walden in the diary of Topper, ‘I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to face only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived’. I was surprised that I remember it so well.

In the back side of the hotel the sun was setting and I was sitting on a chair writing this diary. It’s a beautiful view of mountains, valleys and the sunset. Sounds of children playing on front road were heard. This small village is bustling with trekkers, some going to Har Ki Doon and some to Bali pass. Our guides were already booked for the next day and were preparing for the same.

Everything feels so different this evening. I am an official trekker now and this term is addictive. It is motivating me to go for more treks and crave for wilderness. Here, I do not want to go back to my job and work like I did before. I have to try and find out the ways to make a living by travelling. I hope I do it soon.


My worries have converted into happiness.

Stress transformed to become peace of mind.

Strength has overcome weakness and all the doubts are left behind.

Survival, life and nature are not alien to me anymore.

I am so close to the heart of nature than I was ever in my dreams.

Love, affection and trust in people have become absolute in humanity.

Fear is slowly fading away, leading way to courage, respect and kindness.

This change is a promise to changes more profound.

-Mon Avis


The evening was spent relaxing and the night partying. Next day we get up little late at 06:30 am and get ready to leave for Dehradun. The vehicles had arrived and by 08:15 am me, Mountain Man, Curator, Businessman and Jain had left Sankri.  We all chatted and enjoyed a lot. We had delicious and mouth-watering aaloo paranthas in a restaurant at Mori. We reached Dehradun by 05:30am delayed by a small accident in which no one got hurt and traffic jam between Kempty Falls and Mussorie.

Me and Businessman had enough time in Dehradun to visit a mall there. We had our dinner of donuts and sandwiches there. For Businessman whose love for fast food retail outlets and names of dishes is well evident, I will have to mention that we had a Full Loaded Veg Sandwich and a Bavarian Chocolate Donuts along with Fruit Drink and Hot Chocolate.

I cannot control the nostalgia I have developed for the life in the woods where we were so free that we could run, walk, be ourselves, laugh, talk, share, drink water or fill up our bottles from any clean stream and eat nice simple food.There were instructors to guide us, friends to support us and most important we just had to go with the flow. Now, I am missing these times and the friends I have made there. I hope we all have such a good trek and such good trek mates in our future treks as well. Respect!

Har Ki Doon Trek Day-5

Har Ki Doon Trek Day-5


Har Ki Doon Trek – Day 5 – The Heaven on Earth

In this morning I was sitting in the sun’s virgin rays directly falling on the ground. After coming here, I realized the importance of sun in our day to day lives. I also realize that how fast the sun can rise and set in a few seconds.

In the morning, when sunshine was not yet arrived, water and air was extremely cold at 11250 feet. It becomes very difficult to come out in open and brush our teeth and wash our faces. As soon the sun comes, the first rays are warm enough to bring cheer to our faces and it seems every element, living and nonliving thing has become cheerful and come to life. In this cold morning, me and Businessman climb up the hillock for meditation overlooking the great valley.

After getting ready and having breakfast, our whole group along with the guides left for sightseeing without any load of backpacks on our backs. This was relieving. We went up along the river straight towards the Har Ki Doon peak. We went into the Hata valley after hiking for about an hour or so. This place was beautiful but strange in terms of very little vegetation present. The valley for most of the year is covered in snow and little vegetation grows. We could see snow melting and forming small streams which joins a rivulet to meet with much larger rivers.

Gajji instructed us on how to walk up, down and sideways in snow. In the beginning, almost everyone except Doctor was slipping. But, after the trick became clear every one of us could walk relatively faster in snow. Use your toes while climbing up and heals while coming down! We also went up to some height in snow and slide down which was entertaining seeing other do it.

Here, Doctor checked his watch and the elevation was +12000 feet. We felt proud of our achievement and congratulated each other for doing +12000 feet in our first trek successfully. With this many of us dreamed of crossing 14000, 16000, 18000 and further in future.

While coming back we were literally running as we had no load on our backs. Doctor still cautioned us to descend slow as it may put lot of pressure on our knees and cause pain. This advice I followed during the rest of the trek while coming back.

We reached our campsite by afternoon. Lunch was ready and we ate full. The remaining time was free till night and we had to leave back the next day morning. This time was boring as well as gloomy for me. I had nothing much to do. So, I sat alone on a rock and pondered over a lot many things. People were talking about how the world would have changed by now. We had no communication with external world since we left Sankri. I also wondered the same. I missed my family. I worried about the same life I will have to live when I go back.

I laid myself on a rock and had a short nap in the sun. Since, last one week we had no phone calls, we were completely cut off from the world.  I was thinking of home, parents and wanted to talk to them and know how they are doing. I was literally missing them. These seventeen team mates and Indiahikes staff were only our little world.  I feel human beings have infinite potential and there is a need to test it again and again to expand their limits.  Now, when I have completed Har Ki Doon which is the first step towards adventure in my life, I feel confident and crave for more.

In the night we had bonfire where we again played our favorite time pass game Dumb Charades  and went to sleep after having dinner.