Rediscovering Myself, Again!

Rediscovering Myself, Again!

Rediscovering Myself
Rediscovering Myself

With September, starts the thirty day countdown to complete twenty-six years of living. Twenty six years! How long is twenty six years? It seems a huge lot.Time and again we discover ourselves again and again. Sometimes changed from the core and sometimes with a new identification.

  • The first time I realized my age must have been when I was eight years old. I considered myself older than the toddlers.
  • Then the thought came back to me at twelve years of age when I was admitted to a new school where classes from sixth to twelfth took place.
  • Then fifteen when I guess, it was the first feeling of love.
  • Then eighteen, when I became adult as per government standards.
  • Then twenty, getting out of the teenage tag.
  • Then twenty five, the silver jubilee of living and I already had a job since last one-and-a-half years.

Then why do I have to rediscover myself just after one year of turning twenty-five? Its been only a year and there seems not much change in my status. But, the reason is a number of things happened in last one year and I feel that their is a need to rediscover myself again. Let me list out the major things happened in the last one year:

  • Job Dis-satisfaction: What makes a job satisfactory? A decent salary, good professional relationships, getting to do what you love,seeing results and being praised for a good deed done. What did this job lack? Is it about leaving what I loved and doing what others love me to do, ambiguous results and little praise by management. I will make it clear in some other post. Till then you can know what job I do.
  • Getting rid of a feeling after twelve years: Painful but relieving (or read it re-living).  Yeah, she got married last year.
  • Dreaming Again: When you are dissatisfied with your present condition, you starts dreaming of a better life. In my case, it is boss-less, freedom, thought and action, independent and closeness to the loved ones.
  • Action to Make Dreams Come True: I am now seriously working towards being free and independent (self-dependent). Let’s see how it goes. For example, HMI Darjeeling, continuing writing, photography and travelling.

I am going to be twenty-six and rediscovering myself, again. Being more mature and confident, I believe this is going to work.