HMI Darjeeling

HMI Darjeeling is one of the best mountaineering institutes in India. I got an opportunity to join Basic Mountaineering Course at the Institute where legendary Indian mountaineers have either instructed here or trained themselves. Mountaineers from HMI Darjeeling have challenged the mountains all over the world including the eight-thousanders.

This page is dedicated to the great institute when I got an opportunity to spend some time.  I will share my experience at HMI Darjeeling and the latest information about the institute.

Application for Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI Darjeeling

HMI Darjeeling conducts wide variety of courses to suit the needs of different age groups and varying difficulty levels. The courses preferred by beginners, amateurs and professionals alike are:

  1. Basic Mountaineering Course
  2. Advance Mountaineering Course
  3. Methods of Instruction Course.

It is necessary to complete the former to apply for the later.

Other courses like Adventure Course, Course for the Visually Challenged Person and Special Courses are also conducted which are more of an introduction to the world of adventure and mountaineering.

Read my experience of applying for the Basic Mountaineering Course.

Transfer of Vacancy at HMI Darjeeling

Though every applicant must try to attend the allotted course, in case of unavoidable circumstances or emergency, HMI can be requested to change the allotted course. Due to work pressure at my office, I requested HMI to transfer me into another Basic Mountaineering Course. I am thankful to HMI for considering the request and allotting another course. Though with an instruction to attend the course and such accommodation will not be possible the second time.

Read my experience of Transfer of Vacancy.

My Experience of Basic Mountaineering Course

I attended the course in September 2014. The blog posts given below share day to day experience with information which I found useful to share with readers.

Part-1: Inspiration, Preparation and Travel to New Jalpaiguri from Khandwa

Part-2: Transportation from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, HMI Darjeeling, Paper Formalities, Exploring the HMI Campus and HMI Hostel

Part-3: First Day, First Class, Introduction to Instructors, Division in Ropes, Mountaineering Equipment, Mountaineering Manners and Customs and Medical Inspection

Part-4: Second Day, Principal’s Address, Classes on Ropes and Knots, Avalanches and Himalayas

Part-5: Third Day, Classes on Rock Climbing, Mountaineering Terminology, Mountain Hazards

Part-6: Fourth Day, Meeting with Principal over Medical Reports, Practice on Tenzing Rock, Cheema Indoor Wall, Lecture on Ice Axe and Crampons

Part-7: Fifth Day, Tiger Hill Trek, Lecture on Map Reading

Part-8: Sixth Day, Rappelling Practice at Tenzing Rock, Introduction to my Roommates 

Part-9: Seventh Day, Outdoor Artificial Wall Climbing, Outing, Plan-B

Contact Details of HMI Darjeeling


Address: The Principal, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Jawahar Parvat , Darjeeling-734 101 (WB), India

E-mail ID:

Important Telephone Numbers:

Training Office —  0354 2254087
Principal — 91 354 2254083
FAX No — 91 354 2253760

Lake Covered in Clouds Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim

Solo Trip to Gangtok Sikkim Nathula Excursion

Tsomgo Lake - Nathula Pass Excursion - Gangtok Sikkim
Tsomgo Lake – Nathula Pass Excursion – Gangtok Sikkim

Read Solo Trip to Gangtok Sikkim – Part-1

Nathula Pass Excursion

Day before yesterday on return from Zero Point, I walked to SNT (Sikkim Nationalized Transport) Bus Terminal to know about the buses leading to internal Sikkim. I also enquired with a tour operator, Everest Tours and Travels about NathuLa excursion which would be the highlight of my solo trip to Gangtok Sikkim.  I booked a seat in a shared taxi in INR 800 per person. The fare includes excursion to NathuLa, Baba Mandir and Tsomgo Lake and permit for which the tour operator collected a copy of my Government Issued ID and Passport photographs. The visitors have to get the permit to visit the place by applying to the Tourism and Civil Department through a registered and recognized Travel agency. Foreign nationals are not allowed to visit NathuLa (54 kilometers). The taxi will be a Tata Sumo or a Mahindra Bolero with seating capacity of ten persons (excluding driver) and I got a seat in the back of the vehicle.

It was informed that NathuLa pass is closed for tourists on Monday and Tuesday so they booked me for Wednesday. More information on NathuLa pass can be found at

I woke up early morning and got ready to leave for NathuLa. I carried warm clothes, trekking boots, First Aid  box, snacks and water. Happy to find out sun in the sky which will continue throughout the day, I left for Changu (Tsomgo) Lake Taxi Stand located in Vajra area. From Deorali I took a taxi to the Hospital and then changed taxi to Changu Taxi Stand. The taxi driver shared his concern of how political parties in Gangtok are trying to influence taxi drivers union which is at present mostly free of such influence.

I reached the taxi stand by 0800 hours and called the agency, they informed the location and taxi registration number. Since the reporting time was 0830 hours, I spent the time taking tea and breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

The taxi started at 0900 hours. A Bengali family of seven, a couple and I were the passengers of my taxi. On the outskirts of the town, at a check-post our common permit was checked. We were asked to pay INR 10 and given receipt for some kind of tax which is used for ecological development of the lake area.

Being in remote area, the road condition was poor. The road is maintained under Project SWASTIK by Border Roads Organization. After covering twenty five kilometers, the vehicle stopped at a Dhaba. It is important that one keeps in mind a possibility of suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). The best way is to consume plenty of water and liquids. I ate Maggi noodles and filled up my one liter water bottle.

Baba Mandir Nathula Excursion

Baba Mandir Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim
Baba Mandir Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim

We crossed Tsomgo Lake (we will visit this point on return) and reached the junction of roads to Baba Mandir and NathuLa. We were asked by the army person to visit Baba Mandir first (possibly due to crowd at NathuLa. Baba Mandir is a temple dedicated to Major Baba Harbhajan Singh, an Indian soldier.

At this time of the year, there is no snow but shrubs and plants are in full bloom all over the mountains. These shrubs paint the mountains in colors of red, green, yellow, grey and so on. The wind was blowing cold. An about twelve year old kid of the Bengali family was the one and only victim of height I witnessed. As soon as he came back from Baba Temple to the vehicle he fell down and could not get up on his own. He was lifted back into the car and given some fluids. Probably, he exhausted himself in low Oxygen environment. He was provided with gulps of water frequently and was fine by the time we left Nathula.

Nathula Pass

Lake Covered in Clouds Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim
Lake Covered in Clouds Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim

We saw beautiful twin lakes while going back to the Nathula pass from Baba Temple. Nathula pass, an open trading border pass located at Indo-China border, is located at the elevation of 14,420 ft above MSL. Our vehicle parked along the roadside and we walked up to the stairs leading to a pink-yellow building on the Indian side. Like many other tourists I took the opportunity to shake hands with a Chinese soldier across the barbed wire fencing on the roof. From the roof, one can see trucks passing through a large border gate. There is a canteen at 14000 feet where I had bun and tea.

Nathula Pass -- Sikkim
Nathula Pass — Sikkim

The Indian Army personnel took extreme efforts to sensitize tourists of the criticality of high elevation and suggested not to exert too much, walk at slow pace and rest a lot, cover ears, nose and head properly, apply sunscreen to exposed skin and use sunglasses to protect eyes. A notice board at Baba Temple stressed that vehicles should leave before 1330 hours considering the possibility of unfavorable weather in the afternoon.

Tsomgo Lake – Nathula Excursion

Tsomgo Lake Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim
Tsomgo Lake Nathula Excursion Gangtok Sikkim

On our return, we stopped at Tsomgo Lake where other tourists were clicking photographs with yaks.

Tsomgo Lake Nathula Excursion Sikkim Gangtok
Tsomgo Lake Nathula Excursion Sikkim Gangtok

Midway, we had our lunch with options of momos, Maggi noodles and fried rice. We reached Gangtok by 1700 hours. Since my return train back to workplace was just after midnight from New Jalpaiguri, I had to ruch to my hotel. I immediately packed my luggage and thanked the manager of the hotel to help me packing and left for the Mainline Taxi stand. I boarded a shared taxi which left at 1830 hours and reached Siliguri (130 kilometers) at 2200 hours. I made friends with a co-passenger who was also to catch the same train. We had some difficulty finding cheap transport to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station due to extreme rush during Durga Puja festival, we both hired an Auto rickshaw and shared the cost. Fortunately, we were able to reach there by time.

This experience of a solo trip to Gangtok Sikkim was an opportunity which allowed me to travel according to my comfort, testing my limits, trusting strangers and controlling emotions. I learned more about my habits and limits which gave me confidence to undertake such adventures.