The Periodic Table Poem


The Periodic Table

Am I one of the elements in a periodic table?
If yes which group do I belong to?
A metal, a metalloid or a non-metal?
Where do they find me sitting into?
What’s my atomic number to define my characteristics?
What’s my symbol and my mass .( OR am I still undiscovered?)

Do i react ferociously or I emit radiation?
Or odd in even, a liquid metal mercury?
Some stable, some unstable, some truly essential.
Responsible for giving life to someone else.
Am i abundant as Silicon or I am rare as platinum?
Do I shine like gold or like hydrogen, the invisible.

I love to be alone as noble gases.
Or i react without thinking who am I bonding with?
Still I am not able to judge my face in many faces.
When will I find the face which I would really love to be with?

Ah, Atlast I am able to decide who am I.
Sometimes crazy, lazy and sometimes high.
For someone good, bad and unknown to many of them.
We all are not a human being merely?
We are all a human race, no less no more…

We are not a flake but a snowfall in christmas.
We are not a drop but a bottle of elixir.
We are not an element in a periodic table_
We are the periodic table.

– Mon Avis