Transfer of Vacancy in Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI Darjeeling


Applying for Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI Darjeeling:

Preparing for BMC

So, everything was going fine. I was preparing myself for Basic Mountaineering Course Batch 300. Daily an hour of running and exercising. Buying some necessary stuff and most important, I was mentally prepared to go and successfully complete it. I belive I have the ability to take any option chosen by myself or by fate in positive. So, I was all positive for the course. I was even ready to bunk office for one month and suffer any possible consequences arising out of it. But, I had to apply for transfer of vacancy in basic mountaineering course at HMI Darjeeling.

Why Transfer of Vacancy?

But like always and not so common, sanity prevailed and I talked to my boss to allow me a month leave for the course. He first asked me to discuss the same with his own boss but when I talked about how I was preparing for the course, he asked for a posibility to swap this course with any one in future because of the following reasons:

1. March i.e. end of financial year and thus more work pressure,

2. Time for commissioning of Unit#2 of our 600MW power plant under construction.

So, I agreed and sent a mail to HMI asking about the possibility. Then, after one week of waiting and a follow up by just a mail, they provided me a slot in BMC 303 which will be held in Sept-Oct 2014. The email even warned that now I won’t get a second chance to transfer my vacancy and I cannot ask for refund of my fees. I took it as my fate and am now making my mind for September.

Their are many positives of this:

1. I can prepare myself physically for the course much better then would have been in March.

2. I can go for a couple of treks less ardous. I am looking at Indiahikes for the same to get prior experience.

3. The weather will be a bit warmer in September than in March so better but precipitation is also high in September which may make it tough. Lets see its a give and take thing.

4. By that time our Powerplant will be almost completed so it wont be any problem to take a month long leave.

And the preparation continues…

So, I am back on my toes and ready to work it out. Lets see how it goes now. I am now able to run about 6.5 kilometers in 45 minutes and hope to make it better everytime I run. I am also carrying out some strength building exercises at home. In between, I am looking for some easy treks in Himalayas where I can go in March and June for a week or ten days and have prior experience because going for the course. Keeping my fingers crossed this time.

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5 thoughts on “Transfer of Vacancy in Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI Darjeeling

  • January 30, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Hello frien am glad dat u r goin for is great you know theres any programe after march session? around may?

    • August 14, 2014 at 2:09 am

      Hello Jai, I understand it is a great opportunity and hope to have great learning there. I had to shift my plan to September 2014 batch because of office related issues. Now I am ready. For course schedule and vacancy availability details you can drop an e-mail to . I get a reply within a day or two from HMI. All the Best and thanks for visiting my blog.

  • January 31, 2014 at 7:56 am

    Hi Manoj,

    I am considering joining BMC in September/ October. Although i could not find any link to see the course schedule or availability of seats. Could you please share the admission link and other details?

    P.S. I am also an engineer working the power sector. Once things finalize, then i plan to take on my boss 😉

    • August 14, 2014 at 2:02 am

      Hi Priyanka,

      Apologies for replying so late. Have you applied for BMC at any of the institutes yet? I am leaving for BMC at HMI on 10th September 2014 and really excited. My boss somehow agreed to my request (mainly because I had planned the tour a year and half in advance.


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