Trip to Burhanpur and Icchapur


Celebrating Makar Sankranti (A Holiday!)

So this Makar Sankranti, me and Shanky decided to go for a day long trip to Burhanpur and Icchapur from Khandwa. We decided to take train to Burhanpur which is about 50 minutes time and from there we will take bus to Icchapur.

Khandwa to Burhanpur

We did not do much research on Burhanpur and initially thought of visiting only Icchapur but our conversation with young people of Khandwa who daily travel to Burhanpur for job, changed our view and we decided to give some time to Burhanpur while coming back from Icchapur. They informed about the historical significance of the city and its interesting tourist places. They informed about Dargah-e-Hakimi (a must visit), a gurudwara, Kundi Bhandara (an engineering marvel), Mahal Gurara, Shahi Kila etc. Since we had only a day with us, we decided to go for the dargah and the gurudwara. One of our train acquaintance even went with us to the Bus Stand which was also on his way to work. We thanked them and moved ahead to Icchapur.

Burhanpur to Icchapur

Icchapur is a village twenty kilometers down the road to Bhusawal. About one and half kilometers from the village, there is a temple of Goddess Iccha Devi on a hill. The place is well maintained and beautiful. I believe that in monsoon this place would be lush green and provide a beautiful view of the nearby hill ranges. After visiting Icchadevi, we came back to Burhanpur in a shared autorickshaw.

Trip to Burhanpur and Icchapur -- Icchadevi Temple in Icchapur
Trip to Burhanpur and Icchapur — Icchadevi Temple in Icchapur

Our people in train had also informed about the place where best vegetarian food is available in the city. They informed about one Krishna Restaurant and Gurukripa Restaurant. As per their advice, we had lunch at Krishna’s. The food was good and tasty. One must ask locals about the best places to eat because a good lunch can make your day and a bad one can do just the opposite. From there we walked to the bus stand which is just about a half kilometer away.

Dargah-e-Hakimi Burhanpur

We hired a horse cart (tonga) for just Rs. 80 for a to-and-fro trip to the Dargah and the gurudwara. It was a good experience we had with the tonga driver and his horse Salman. The driver shared some information about his job and his horse. We reached dargah in about twenty minutes.

Trip to Burhanpur and Khandwa - Way to Dargah-e-Hakimi in Burhanpur from Bus Stand
Trip to Burhanpur and Khandwa – Way to Dargah-e-Hakimi in Burhanpur from Bus Stand

I don’t think I would be able to define the beauty of Dargah-e-Hakimi and do justice with its importance to the Bohra community of muslims. So, I share this link and this link and this link too which defines the Dargah very well. I loved the place and its peacefulness and would love to visit again. Later we went to the Gurudwara and offered our prayers.

We came back to the railway station and took a train back to Khandwa. We had a beautiful and memorable Makar Sankranti. We plan to visit the other places we were not able to visit this time some other time.

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